Can I use this with Chrome for iOS

Yes!  If you want to just directly copy the URL, you can do that, and then manually launch Clip Better.

The instructions for using a Bookmarklet are a little different than the instructions for Safari, but they aren't too hard.

Installing the Bookmarklet
  1. Tap "Add Bookmarklet Button to Safari" from within the help screen in the iOS Clip Better App
  2. This action will automatically launch Safari.  You'll have to manually switch over to Chrome.
  3. Tap the Menu button (three vertical lines) and then tap the star button to create a bookmarklet
  4. Change the title to something "quickly unique" like CBM.  (CBM is short for Clip Better Mobile - this will make sense once you start using it.)
  5. Change the URL to the data that's stored on your clipboard.
  6. Tap Save
Using the Bookmarklet
  1. Visit the webpage in Chrome that you want to create a clip from
  2. Tap the text box at the top and type in the name of your bookmarklet (e.g. CBM).  You don't need to delete the URL - it's already highlighted, so just start typing.  Chrome will conveniently provide suggestions as you type, so making the name of your bookmarklet short and unique will speed things up for you.
  3. In the list of search results, find the bookmarklet (it should have a star next to it) and tap it.
  4. Clip Better will be launched with your clip automatically created.
Note that when you are done, Clip Better will take you back to Safari and will load the URL you just created a clip from.  Sorry about that.  We're working on it.

And, if you're the type or person who likes to do things by hand, here's the text that needs to be pasted into step 5 above:  javascript:window.location='clipThisLink://'+encodeURIComponent(document.URL)
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