Installation and Usage

Installation is really easy, we promise. It takes two clicks and less than 15 seconds!  (We've done it in under 3.7 seconds.  Not that it's a competition)

  1. Go here to start the installation.  Check out the screenshots and the info and then, when you're ready.... (up to you if you want to start your stopwatch)...
  2. Click the "+ Free" button (great price, right?)
  3. A button will be installed in your extension area in the upper right of your Chrome Browser
  1. Go to a website that you want to create a rich preview from.  Try this one.
  2. Click on the button for the extension (the red C tile)
  3. A flyout dialog box will appear.  You can try editing and customizing later.  For now, just add something into the comment box, like "Hey!  I'm using Clip Better!"
  4. If you want to sue Gmail to send your clip, just click "Send with Gmail"
  5. Otherwise, click on "Copy Clip" which will copy the clip to your clipboard
  6. Paste the info into something that will accept rich HTML text, like Gmail, Word, Outlook, etc.

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