Directly Installing the Bookmarklet on iOS Safari

The iOS page on the website has the best instructions (plus handy pictures) so you should really go there to check it out.  But since you're already here, here are the steps:
  1. Tap "Add Bookmarklet Button to Safari" from within the help screen in the iOS Clip Better App
  2. Tap the Box icon, select the Bookmark icon, then tap Save
  3. Tap the Open Book icon and then tap Edit
  4. Select the "Clip Better for iOS" bookmarklet you just created
  5. Tap the URL address ( once, tap the Delete to delete all the text, tap Address again and then tap Paste
  6. Tap Done at bottom right, tap Done at bottom right, then tap Done at top right
If you are having trouble locating the "Add Bookmarklet Button to Safari", are otherwise having trouble with step 5, or are the type of person who likes to add bookmarklets by hand, this is the text that you need to paste in step 5:


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